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Laundry detergent, wine and yogurt in pouch packaging

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Yogurt in a spouted pouch

  • Transform from rigid and glass at a lower total packaged cost
  • Draw consumer attention on-shelf with an easy to open and reclose package that keeps your product safe and fresh
  • Reduce your environmental footprint with less material per ounce of product, optimizing product to package ratio

Soup in a microwavable pouch

  • Deliver consumer convenience with cook in microwavable packaging designs
  • Stand out on shelf with shaped pouches

Juice pouch with straw

  • Rollstock (form-fill-seal)
  • Pre-made spouted pouches (fill through fitment)
  • Pre-made non-spouted pouches (tear-open single use, or filled then spouted)
  • Standup pouches

Salad dressing in a spouted pouch with handles

  • Available in a wide range of materials to meet your product requirements and brand position
  • Multiple open/re-close options available
    • Recloseable cap
    • Straw hole puncture
    • Tear-open single use
    • Self-venting (microwave)

Collage of liquid pouch applications

  • Baby food and fruit puree products (applesauce, etc.)
  • Yogurt
  • Condiments
  • Dressings
  • Skillet or cooking sauces
  • Soups
  • On-the-go convenience snacks
  • Wines and beverages
  • Coffee, tea and juice
  • Industrial products
  • Health and cleaning products
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Which pouch is right for your product?

Drive more value for your products with our wide array of formats, shapes, features and fitments.

Pouch - Rotator

2-Side-Seal Pouch with Folded Bottom

2-Side-Seal Pouch Folded Bottom

3-Side-Seal Pouch

3-Side-Seal Pouch

Standup Pouch With and Without Zipper

Standup Pouch – With or Without Zipper

Standup Pouch with Spout at Top Center and Top Corner

Spout Standup Pouch – Top Center or Top Corner

Shaped Standup Pouch

Shaped Standup Pouch

Flat-Bottom Standup Pouch

Flat-Bottom Standup Pouch

Standup Pouch with Face Applied Tap and Handle

Standup Pouch with Face Applied Tap and Handle

Fin/Lap Seal Pouch

Fin/Lap Seal Pouch

Baby food in clear spouted pouch packaging

Clear Film for Standup Pouches

Allow consumers to see the quality, freshness and goodness of your product prior to purchase with clear barrier films for standup pouches. This transparent packaging stands out on shelf through new design possibilities which combine printing and graphics to highlight your brand and communicate your brand promise.

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Should your product be in a pouch?

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Should your product be in a pouch? Consumers’ lifestyles are changing and so are their needs. Packaging can help you meet new demands and stay ahead of the curve!

Discover the benefits of standup pouches to you and your consumers in our standup pouch infographics.

Standup Pouch Infographic

Food and Beverage

Discover the benefits pouches deliver to you and your consumers.

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Pouch Infographic

Household and Personal Care

Discover the benefits flexible pouches unlock for your brand and your customers’ shopping experience.

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