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Amcor and Bemis combine to create global consumer-packaging leader

On 11 June, Amcor completed its acquisition of Bemis, forming a company with One GREAT Future – unmatched talent and safety, comprehensive reach and scale, industry-best operations and innovation, and a strong commitment to responsible packaging and sustainability. Find out more.

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Steaks in a tray and rollstock with VSP

A striking way to showcase your brand quality

Our VSP packaging system pairs a visually enhancing vacuum skin film with a rigid tray or rollstock film for your case ready products

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VSP Processors


VSP packaging brings more value to processors compared to traditional case ready packaging by:
  • Expanding distribution with longer fresh shelf life
  • Gives a tight package, minimizing excessive meat purge


VSP packaging brings more value to retailers compared to traditional case ready packaging by:
  • Extending the display shelf life to 25-30 days compared to 3-5 days
  • Reducing retailer loss to less than 5% compared to 10%
  • Holds food in place for excellent retail appearance
Consumer with steak in VSP packaging


VSP packaging brings more value to consumers compared to traditional case ready packaging by:
  • Providing a freezer ready, leak-free package
  • Offering a longer refrigerated shelf life
  • Conveniently self-vents during cooking
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Sausages in VSP Packaging

  • Seal through contamination with strong, hermetic seals to keep your product fresh
  • Retain the maximum product shelf life with exceptional barrier properties
  • Let your product quality show on shelf with excellent optical properties (haze and gloss)

Steak in FreshCase? VSP packaging

  • Reliable puncture resistance that virtually eliminates leakers
  • Enhance fresh red meat with Curwood® FreshCase® active packaging to deliver the fresh red color consumers prefer
  • Enhance convenience with a dual-ovenable or microwavable design using OvenRite® films

Steaks in VSP film with rollstock and pre-formed trays

  • VSP films available in a range of thicknesses
  • Pair VSP film with rollstock or pre-formed trays

Bacon in VSP packaging

  • Fresh and processed meats
  • Bone-in and boneless meats
  • Poultry

Veggie and potato side dish in VSP packaging

  • Prepared meals & sides
  • Appetizers

Smoked salmon in vacuum skin packaging (VSP)

10K OTR Films for Seafood

Amcor 10K OTR films for seafood are highly permeable and comply with FDA oxygen permeability guidelines for packaging fresh seafood. The high clarity, skin-tight appearance reduces purge while preserving product color, flavor and integrity. Case-ready centralized packing reduces the risk of cross-contamination and delivers convenience to consumers who can buy, freeze and thaw in the same packaging.
Infographic - Vacuum Skin Packaging

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Extend your shelf life, showcase your brand quality and enhance consumer experience with vacuum skin packaging.

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